Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday - 04/23/2018

 Today I promised myself I would get the recipes I've been making onto this blog!  I have been negligent in staying on top of sharing the good ones with you!  But today's the day!  There won't be a lot of pictures but I have made everything I recommend or share a recipe of and it gets my seal of approval....for whatever that's worth! LOL!
First up is Lime-Spiked Black Bean Dip
This recipe came from The National Pancreas Foundation website when I was trying to eat for pancreatitus whether I had it or not!  LOL!  This dip is so good and healthy for you too!  Win -win!
There are other recipes on the site that I want to try but this is the only one I have made so far.
 The next recipe that I highly recommend and that I have made many times is Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
I love this soup and I serve it with sour cream, shredded cheddar and the broken bits left over from a bag of tortilla chips...........yum!  I kid you not, this soup is a winner and if you don't put too much sour cream and cheddar on it you can call it very healthy too!

 One of my all time favorite meals is Linguine with Roasted Broccoli, Pine Nuts and Goat Cheese
As the recipe states it is "quick and delicious"!  I'm not sure what Feta is but I use it in place of goat cheese and I have been known to double the amount!  Yum!

Marsha asked me the other day for the recipe of what I call "blender pie".  I have made this for years as an economical dessert when my kids were growing up and also for a quick dessert for company coming when you have a zillion other things to do!  I also remember Betty Crocker's famous "impossible pies" of which there are many...over 2000!   I haven't tried any lately but they look very appetizing
 The girls are getting restless for their supper now and I must admit I am getting hungry too talking about all this food!
I will ensure these recipes are on my side bar recipe section too within the week.  It's handy for me also to go there for them so I have an added incentive to get it done!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

YOP Week #43

 What a wonderful week this has been!  It's a cozy day here and I mean started raining last night and it's raining today...........but the main reason it's so cozy is I got a new porch roof this week and so far not a drop of rain has leaked through!  Hallelujah!

I spent the morning making tahini  (sesame seed paste) as I needed it to make hummus.  It's the first time I ever made either of them but they both turned out and I really like the hummus.  I've had store bought and was not impressed but this is tasty!  I'll be publishing recipes tomorrow.......this is the hummus............
and this is the tahini...............
 Yesterday I cooked orange chicken in the crock pot and had it with oven roasted Brussels sprouts and brown rice.....very good.   Although it was quick, I think there is probably a better recipe for orange chicken out there like P.F.Chang's but for now this will do.
There's not gobs of progress this week because there were the roofers, I did my taxes and I researched and ordered a new t.v. as I have been without one for a few weeks now, plus, I mowed.  The t.v. will be here Tuesday!  I got a  50 inch screen as I kept getting out of bed to see the menu's and/or words on my t.v. .  I also researched  the distance from the t.v. versus the screen size and no wonder!  I was supposed to have a 50 inch screen and mine was 29! LOL!  Hopefully, I won't have to get out of bed anymore to read things on the screen.
FO's - (Finished Objects) - none this week

 WIP's (Works in Progress) -
1)  I did work some on my 2nd felted slipper and the bottom of the foot is almost is so dark today because of the rain so I hope you can see things............

2) I finished the 3rd block of 5 for the Frida Kahlo basket.......just need to weave the ends in...........

4) The Land of Sweets cowl was coming along so nicely and then per usual I had to frog and start over so I  didn't make much progress............but I am liking it thus far.............and 2 of the yarns are ones I dyed!  Here are the mini-skeins I dyed in case you missed them............

 5)  Spring Cross Stitch -  didn't even get this out of the project bag this week

What's in the Queue -
#1 - Some Valentine's Day socks - I'll be dyeing my own for this!
 #2 - Something for St. Patrick's Day...socks or cowl...not sure.  I think I found a cowl pattern with a Celtic design but I would like socks too!
#3 - Still more washcloths as I have plenty of Dishie and Peaches and Creme worsted cotton
#4 - Some leaf book markers
What I'm "wishing upon a star" for -
#1 - My Valentine and St. Patrick's Day yarns for socks or cowls and mini's for cowl and Granny Stripe Blanket.  I'm thinking I can dye my own now!  How exciting!!!!
 #2 - Susan B. Anderson has her 2 kits back in stock..........The Loopy Sheep
and her Spring Chicken kits  just in time for Spring but where do I get the dough for all these great items?
#3 - my new over the top obsession I discovered from Little Bobbin's mother who does the most beautiful stitchery from Jesse Chorley
I'd like to do her Friendship Quilt  if I live long enough! LOL!  I may try just a little sampler on my own but check out her website for lots of other wonderful and unique items and projects.
#4 - Knitting at the Library Cowl - a pay for pattern on Ravelry.  I'm thinking this may be the year of cowls or slippers....we'll see who wins out! The cowl looks like different shelves of books!  So cool!
#5 - A crochet square blocker either a DIY or to buy.......anyone have any experience with these or recommendations?  I saw this Crochet blocker with instructions to make and it looks pretty simple
You just need wooden shish-kabob skewers and a gardening knee pad.
#6 - Sewing book like Simply Summer Street has
YOP Goals from last week:
***DONE*** 1) Finish dyeing and drying yarn and ball up or skein
***DONE*** 2) Finish Square #3 on Frida basket
***DONE*** 3) Finish first 8 rounds on Land of Sweets Cowl - color #1.  I also did 8 rounds of color #2 and I am on round 5 of 8 on color #3.
4) pin I Spy quilt #2
5) cut binding for my sampler quilt
6) work on Spring cross stitch
7) iron fabric and cut out tunic pieces
8) order bias tape and Swedish Tracing Paper for patterns
9) finish 2nd slipper of my pair
 YOP Goals for this coming week:
1) pin I Spy quilt #2
2) cut binding for my sampler quilt
3) work on Spring cross stitch
4) iron fabric and cut out tunic pieces
5) order bias tape and Swedish Tracing Paper for patterns
6) finish 2nd slipper of my pair
7) order supplies:  yarn , needles etc
8) do block #4 of 5 on Frida basket
  Podcasts: I need to work on catching up with Stitching The High Notes and other regulars....still.  I did watch Stitching the High Notes Episode #16 so I'm slowly catching up. Hopefully I will catch up a little faster when I have my new t.v.!
To see other fabulous projects from YOP members click here

 Happy Trails!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday - 04/19/2018

First mowing of the year!  The mower started right up, no flat tires and I actually had gas in the tank.  The first mowing is usually pretty rough and doesn't look that nice but still it was a great day to be outside.  I was going to mow yesterday but the roofers were here and had some of there equipment laid out on the lawn so I decided to wait.  Plus it was 77 degrees F yesterday and after picking up the sticks in the yard it was pretty warm out!  You know I am a 60's favorite temperature range for working outside.   Today was maybe 62 and right now it's 56.....a fleece jacket and I was set to mow!  It was gorgeous with a breeze and blue, blue skies.........perfect!
There's the lake across the street.............BTW that lot is for sale if anyone is interested..........
Everything has bloomed out and the dogwoods are just starting to bloom but the oaks are the last to get their leaves plus the sassafras trees................
These are the big oaks in my front yard but they aren't your typical oak with the recognizable leaves....I think these are burr oaks but don't quote me......they have a slight shade of green so they are getting ready................
Here's my new view from the back yard....I am so thrilled that the electric company cut those trees down for me...........what a view and I don't feel so "hemmed in".
There may be some raking in my future to get the big wood chunks left behind before I mow back there.............but for now I am just enjoying the view.........
here's a zoom.............
This is city property so there will be no building going on back there........
Years ago, a neighbor of my folks, who has since passed, told me there was an old stone wall back there from a farm long ago and because of the ticks, I never went back there but here it is.............can you see it?  One of these days when I mow and drench myself in Deep Woods Off (the only thing that will keep the ticks off).......I will venture back there and investigate.....I love history and it makes me feel more connected to the land when I see evidence of past  generations........
I paid the roofers today and tomorrow I'll be working on clearing out the porch and I'll be able to recover my bowls that were used to catch all the leaks!  Hurray!  As soon as I know it is leak-free after a few storms, I will schedule dry wallers to come and repair the ceiling and walls....this is the 2nd time I have gone through all much money down the drain.  I don't mind paying for things if they work but throwing it out the window is not fun!  But I think this time I and the roof are good to go...I pray!
I hope Spring is making an appearance in your neck of the woods!
Happy Trails!!!